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David Kriesel - SpiegelMining


Since 2014, David downloaded roughly 100.000 articles from SpiegelOnline - the largest news portal and maybe most powerful opinion former in the German-speaking world. Using this large data set, he provides funny, entertaining, surprising, scary and even slightly politically incorrect insight in both SpiegelOnline's behavior and DataScience itself - in a colorful way that everybody can understand.


David Kriesel studied Computer Science in Bonn, Germany, and at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He has a passion for biology and social insects. In real life, he works as an Advanced Analytics Technology Engineer at Procter & Gamble and as a self-employed public speaker.

In computer science, especially the biology inspired topics like neurocomputation, machine learning and swarm behavior make his day; He also wrote a 250p Book about the one of the most sophisticated machine learning technique today, Neural Networks, which he made available for free at his home page in German and English language (look for „A Brief Introduction To Neural Networks“).

Aside from computer science, David is very interested in how the digitalization of the World changes society. David gained quite a bit of international recognition by bringing the „Xerox Scanning Bug“ to public attention, followed by consequently forcing its correction.

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