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Jennifer Lewis Priestley - Corporate/University Partnerships: What Both Parties Need to Know


The private sector/university collaborative partnership is mutually beneficial and, in the current environment of resource-scare data science talent, is more important than ever – to both parties.  In this talk, Dr. Priestley, will discuss the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of corporate/university partnerships and how both parties can get the most out of the collaboration.  Dr. Priestley will provide case studies related to leveraging university programs at the undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. level.


Jennifer Lewis Priestley is a Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science at Kennesaw State University, where she is the Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Services. She oversees the Ph.D. Program in Advanced Analytics and Data Science, and teaches courses in Applied Statistics at the undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. levels. In 2012, the SAS Institute recognized Dr. Priestley as the 2012 Distinguished Statistics Professor of the Year. She served as the 2012 and 2015 Co-Chair of the National Analytics Conference. Datanami recognized Dr. Priestley as one of the top 12 “Data Scientists to Watch in 2016.”


Dr. Priestley has been a featured speaker at dozens of corporate events addressing issues related to advanced analytics and the challenges and opportunities of “Big Data”.  She has authored over 50 articles on Binary Classification, Risk Modeling, Sampling, Applications of Statistical Methodologies for Problem Solving as well as several textbook manuals for Excel, SAS, JMP and Minitab.


Prior to receiving a Ph.D. in Statistics, Dr. Priestley worked in the Financial Services industry for 11 years. Her positions included Vice President of Business Development for VISA EU in London, where she was responsible for developing the consumer credit markets for Irish and Scottish banks. She also worked for MasterCard International as a Vice President for Business Development, where she was responsible for banking relationships in the Southeastern US. She also held positions with AT&T Universal Card and with Andersen Consulting. Dr. Priestley received an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University, where she was president of the graduate student body, and a BS from Georgia Tech. She also received a certification from the ABA Bankcard School in Norman, OK, and a Certification in Base SAS Programming, and a Business Analyst Certification from the SAS Institute.

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